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At the Sacramento County Jail, incarcerated women fight the power and one another as they try to make the best of life - and love - on the inside.

Genre: Reality

Country: N/A

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 7.1

Season 1 - Jailbirds
"A new prisoner arrives. another prepares to leave. Troublemaker Drea messes with cellmates Noonie and Monster, and soon, it's payback time"
"Inmates hook up via \"the bowl,\u201d connecting toilet pipes that serve as an unofficial communications network. Jay arrives and begins a grueling detox."
"Monster reveals her history with A1. Jay experiences a loss. Inmates continue looking for love in all the wrong toilet bowls."
"The toilets overflow, and passions rise with the sewage. Baby Girl tells a harrowing story, and Katrina and Blanca face food trouble."
"Katrina uncovers fresh drama, and two lovers reunite. Noonie makes enemies with her bad attitude and even worse taste in men."
"Feelings get real, leading to a fight in the dayroom and a jailhouse marriage. Tayler attends court, and Baby Girl receives shocking news."