Top Best Netflix Alternatives To Watch Movies And TV Shows Online

As a human we all try to spend some great time in our life. Some people choose some best sports steaming sites to watch their favorite sports. Some of them like to play strategy games on android; some people like to watch movies online. If streaming movies and watch series online right to your Smart TV is what you prefer to do, Netflix might be a name much familiar to you. Well, not on only TV, you can stream movies online and TV shows to your Computer (PC& Mac), Game console, Smartphone and Tablet using Netflix web or App. Matter of fact, Netflix is been one of the best streaming platforms serving out there. Also you can watch your favorite comedy movies on Netflix It serves for a cost but there is a free trial option for new users.

Also there is option like free Netflix accounts & password generator so that you can easily generate your new passwords and continue with Netflix. Adding to that, Netflix is not the only thing you can rely on. There are plenty of options we have today to watch movies and TV series online. If you are already a Netflix user, and for any reason, looking for alternative, we have got your back. And if you haven’t tried anything yet, make sure you read all these short detail of the best alternatives of Netflix.

List of Best Alternative of Netflix for Movies and TV Show Streaming:

Video streaming platforms are available in both the paid and free services. Netflix is among the paid services available out there. We will be recommending both paid and free movie and TV show streaming services alternative to Netflix. Starting off with the paid ones.

# List of Paid Alternatives of Netflix:

If you prefer to pay some bucks for movie and TV shows online, we can assure you great entertainment with some paid alternatives of Netflix. Listing them out –

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has its own reputation in this field. This is known to be one of the best movies and TV show streaming service across the globe. If you are looking for the best video streaming platform with fees, nothing can beat Amazon whilst replacing Netflix. Amazon Prime comes with a great collection of movies. From vogue classics to latest released global blockbusters, everything is available here. In Addition to that, there are Amazon exclusive contents you won’t find in Netflix.


Another one of the best paid alternatives to Netflix is the Hulu. The service comes with web version and apps for both the Android and iOS platforms. If you are using PC or Mac, simply login to the web version of Hulu. In case of mobile access, you can get the official app in Play Store and itunes. You may also stream movies and TV shows from Hulu to your Xbox One gaming console. All the latest, trending, popular TV shows and movies and streamed via Hulu.

Sling TV

Besides typical movie and TV show streaming, Sling TV also provides other TV shows like Sports, News, etc. If your prime concern is TV shows, Sling TV definitely is a catch. Much alike Hulu and Netflix services, this one also serve you with various membership options. If you go for Basic Membership, it will cost you $20 a month where 25 channels are available. To access 40 channels, pay $25 a month and for all channel access, you will have to pay $40/month.


HBO is a very popular TV channel for movies. HBO is available online too as streaming movies are in trend today. Thus, you can access and watch all the HBO TV shows and movies right from your mobile, computer and Xbox One. The channel regularly shows new movies, and other blockbusters. HBO Now is also pretty affordable in cost as it takes only $14.99 a month as fees.


Movies with happy endings, inspiration, heart-warming, romantic, or feel-good-flick are the ones mostly showed on Feeln. If you like such feel-good piece of movies, this is the platform you should hover over. The service quality of Feeln has lead it to take place among the best alternatives of Netflix. If you are into movie genres like drama, family, comedy, romantic, etc. visit this platform.

All Access CBS

This is especially for CBS shows fans. If you are also one of them and simply move from Netflix in search great CBS shows, CBS All Access is the end destination.  The online streaming service provides you over 8,500 episodes of CBS show on demand. Adding to that, you may also access live TV. You may access to the site from PC or Mac, and use their app on Android and iPhone.


The Walmart owned movies and TV shows streaming service is also one of the most promising one that has all the features to replace Netflix. Like in Netflix, you may buy movies and also rent your owned movies to others. There is also a section for kids called Kid Zone. You may access to their website from PC or Mac. If you wish to watch movies and TV shows online on phone or TV simply download their official app.


For people who are fond of classic movies, award-winning movies, and independent movies, this is the ideal platform that serves among the best alternatives of Netflix. This site is quite unique in this category of movies streaming. The site expert makes effort to add new movies to their catalog in each day and those movies are kept available to stream for 30 days.


This one might comes among the paid services of Netflix alternatives, yet it very cheap to get one. With a small monthly charges, you are allowed to access to millions of movies, TV shows, and more. The platform introduces itself as a “Cable TV Alternative.” Although, it also turns out to be one best alternative to Netflix.


This particular movie streaming website is focused on foreign, indie, and documentary genre. However you will get movies of other genres too. All the popular movie genres are available at Fandor and is updated with all the latest releases regularly. The service is also pretty decent in amount. It is also accessible from Kindle Fire and Roku. You may get their official app from Play Store and iTunes.

# List of Free Alternatives of Netflix:

Those listed above were the 10 best paid alternatives of Netflix. If you are looking for Alternatives where you can get free access and stream movies and TV shows for free of cost, mind checking out the below list here.


This is the best site where you can watch movies and TV shows in HD quality absolutely free of cost. If you are moving from Netflix because spending money on those contents is not your style, Popcornflix is the best place to drop in. All kind of movie genres are available and these are updated regularly with new releases.


123movies is another one of the most sought after online video streaming platforms. 123 movies is one of the best name at this time to watch movies and TV shows for free. Though original 123movies website is now shut down still, there are many alternative websites provide free movies online.


Many of us do not realize that YouTube is not just a video sharing website. It is also a great source of free movies and TV shows that you can stream online for free of cost. Certainly, this is one of the best alternatives to Netflix when it comes to free service. YouTube is a great source to watch movies, TV shows, Cartoons, sports and many more for free.


This one is a new site which is unknown to many of us. But, once you drop by the site, you feel the need of this platform as long as free movies and TV show streaming is your concern. All the latest popular TV series and newly released movies are available in here with HD quality.


Another video sharing platform like YouTube which is also a great source of movies and TV shows streaming is Vimeo. In this platform users are share their own content that can be viewed by anyone for free of cost. The platform also features movies, short films, and TV shows made by many film-makers. This platform does not assure you of new blockbuster movies like Netflix, but you do find some original movie contents in here which are not available in anywhere else.

Final Words: 

These are some best alternative of Netflix with step by step guide and photos for you. These days, streaming movies, videos, and audio songs has got a new trend as technology is getting cheaper over the time. The internet is getting spread across the globe more and more. Eventually, streaming platforms like Netflix is much affordable and reliable today. However, if you are not willing to pay any dime for movies or TV shows, the free alternatives to Netflix we have shared will serve you the best. Meanwhile, you can always rely on those paid alternatives of Netflix. if you think this is wonder full post and it’s helpful then we really love it. if you have any question or any suggestion about this post or any other post of this website feel free to ask, we will get back to you as soon as possible, also you can share this post by clicking any sharing bottom. thank you.

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